How To Invent

A Detailed Guide

A Step-By-Step Guide To Inventing.

We at Inventor Genie have spent a lot of time studying what those who succeed do differently than those who fail. And more importantly, what those who fail do differently than those who succeed.

From that perspective, we can tell you with confidence that the majority of the advice out there is wrong.

The below steps are roughly in order of which steps you should address and when. Click on the “Learn” button for each step to learn our perspective in what we believe will increase your chance of success. 

Initial Idea

Where to start if you just have an Invention idea.


How to Research your Invention idea properly.

Non Disclosure Agreement

Things to consider about Non Disclosure Agreements.


How to Validate your Invention idea and significantly reduce risk.


How to go about Designing your Invention idea.


Logistics and FOB Price

How to build a Prototype that tells you what you need to know.


How to navigate intellectual Property and  Patent decisions.

Business Plan

How to Plan your Invention Business and write a solid business plan.

Branding & Marketing

How to Brand & Market your Invention Idea so that it resonates with your target customer.


How to Fund your Invention Idea.


How to find Suppliers and Manufacture your Invention Idea.


Logistics and FOB Price

How to Import or ship your Invention Idea and clear customs.


How to order and maintain Inventory of your Invention idea.


How to sell and distribute your Invention.

Order Fulfillment

How to manage inventory, warehousing and order fulfillment of your Invention.


How to License your Invention idea for a royalty.

Exit Strategy

How to sell your Invention as a Business.

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