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Thank you for your interest in us. It’s very nice to meet you. We have a passion for product development, and we would love to help you develop and launch your product.  Product QuickStart has successfully launched products for many of our clients.  Check out some of our case study successes.

We created Product QuickStart out of a passion to meet the product development, prototyping, and manufacturing needs of small to mid-sized companies, entrepreneurs, and start-ups. There is no shortage of engineers, marketing people, and ‘submission companies’ that will gladly take your money and get you nowhere – that’s not us. Our goal is to be honest operators, and we do everything we can to help our clients understand what they are getting into and their odds of success.

We look out for you

It’s not uncommon for us to advise our potential clients that they shouldn’t spend any more money (with us or anyone else). If we don’t see a potential path to success for you or your company, we will tell you.

We’ve spent much of our careers developing, manufacturing, and launching new products for major brands and companies like the Home Depot, Procter & Gamble, the Coca Cola Company, and Black & Decker. And, we’ve had a blast doing it!

But, even though we love innovating with big name companies, we’ve always had a special enthusiasm for working with smaller companies, entrepreneurs and start-up teams that are full of passion, ambition, and great ideas. That’s why we created Product QuickStart… both to feed our professional passion, and to provide world class product development and manufacturing services to small and mid-sized companies, inventor-entrepreneurs, and start-ups.

Product QuickStart is focused specifically around the needs of smaller companies and entrepreneurs so we can offer you, our client, the most cost effective and streamlined product development and manufacturing services – but we offer decades of experience developing and launching products for some of the world’s most powerful and respected brands.

Our bottom line? If you are building a product business that you are passionate about, we would love to talk to you. Let’s combine our passion with yours to launch a fantastic product business!

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